It’s every retiree’s worst nightmare. Everyone around the water cooler is asking colleagues their opinions. How do I know if I have enough? Pundits have outlined the problems, the pitfalls, but nobody provides any help.

If you could sketch out your perfect retirement plan, would it include how to draw down what investment first? Would it provide streams of lifetime income like Social Security? Lifetime income means income that you cannot outlive. How much risk am I taking, or do I need to take to maintain what I have? Am I paying attention to the right things or am I being detracted by all the outside noise?

All these questions I have spent 20 years devoted to answering for those in or near retirement. As life changes, and it will, does your plan have the flexibility to change with it? Our clients know all the potential pitfalls facing them. It is this important awareness they need to make decisions for them and their family. Nobody wants a surprise of this magnitude in retirement.