Taxes weigh heavily on a retiree’s mind and for good reason. Any kind of increase to a fixed income creates problems. You see, the only real way to protect yourself from the impact of rising taxes is to implement a strategy that puts you in the 0% tax bracket in retirement. How do I get to the 0% tax bracket and what makes it so potent? Because of the math! If you are in the 0% tax bracket and rates increase, let’s say they double, two times zero is still zero!

Many people feel out of control when it comes to taxes and they don’t understand the tax code at all. The tax code allows a person to pay taxes just once and that is on the money as they earn it. 62% of Americans can be in the zero tax bracket. They have the right to remove a portion of their wealth off the radar screen of the IRS for income tax purposes if they simply understood the tax code.

Is it time to learn more about your personal tax situation? Are you interested in having your own zero tax strategy?