Don’t let little things become big things. Catch it early and fix it. Small problems can add up and ruin a good thing.
— Tony Gaskins

We never see the little things coming in life, but when they do, it soon becomes a big thing. Here is what I mean. Have you every tried to make a change to your cable bill when you are not the account holder? You want to add some channels to your account. Something real simple. Something that will make the cable company some money. Will they talk with you? 

Did you know that without this one legal document, your family can be put in a pickle? If you as the bread winner become incapacitated, can your spouse get access to your money? Now a little thing becomes a BIG thing.  

Let's say you are retired and life is good. One day you suffer a stroke and end up in intensive care. Your spouse is worried when she sees you with all kinds of wires and tubes attached to you. As the days and weeks go on, her worries are beginning to mount. The regular bills are coming in and so are the medical bills. Soon she has to draw on some of your money. Your brokerage will provide her the necessary funds if she will put you on the phone. You cannot come to the phone - you are incapacitated. Now what?

She suddenly remembers you have a Power of Attorney. She tells the brokerage and they say bring it in and we'll have our legal department take a look at it. They will call in a week. What? She needs the money now. They do call back in a week and say they cannot honor your Power of Attorney as it does not have the necessary language for them. What kind of a pickle is your wife in? How do you get to the money? Has a little thing become a big thing?

The Power of Attorney is one of 21 little things I go through to make sure they do not become big things like the example above. Don't let this happen to you. I can help you.